Kiosks, Mobile + Desktop Options

Innovative Service

Grow margins and scale customer service. Universal Reception bolsters your service offerings by providing guests with on-site, touchless kiosk™ and mobile options for scheduling services, checking in, exchanging documents, and getting update notifications. These tools enable better social distancing and improve control over traffic flow while helping you maximize your daily schedule. 

Touchless Kiosk™ + Mobile Scheduling:

  • Provide options for scheduling and checking in
  • Choice of on-site kiosks, home PCs, or personal mobile devices
  • Facilitate video, chat, and in-person meetings
  • Manage appointments, schedules, and availability

Intuitive Service Management

  • Equip staff to manage Real-time appointment queues
  • Manage wait times and traffic flow with notifications and reminders

Streamlined Service Fulfillment

  • Serve guests via video, chat, phone, or in-person appointments
  • Secure appointment portal for communication and encrypted document exchange

Enhanced Product Management

  • Quickly add, remove and edit services and requirements
  • Offer on-site, phone or virtual meetings
  • 3rd party software integration

Equitable Service Delivery

  • Multiple language support
  • ADA compliant

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Flexible Deployments
Unlimited Service Providers
Easy content and service updates
Scheduled and walk-in appointments
Outlook & Google calendar integrations

Health & Safety
Touchless Kiosk™ technology
Seamless mobile integration
Mobile alerts reduce on-site waiting

Service Accessibility

ADA compliant
Equitable service delivery
Multi-language capability

Security & Privacy
Encrypted communication
Improve staff safety with virtual meetings
Own and protect data with on-site deployments

Low per-guest cost
Reduced administrative costs